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Business Branding

Creating & Capturing YOur Image

Often, entrepreneurs come to me when they're ready to take their business to the next level through branding. Businesses can use photography to attract their ideal client, whether that's to add flair, polish to their website, or create visually appealing social media content. These images can help you communicate who you are and what you do with the people who are out there looking for you! My speciality comes in with combining your message with the images we create together.

Some people come to me with a folder full of ideas and perfectly selected logos, colors, poses, and outfits. Some come with vague ideas, but need help really creating their brand image in a tangible way. Some come with a specific shoot idea for a particular campaign. I even do ongoing photos for businesses that need a lot of content related images for social media marketing or are growing rapidly and need updated photos of new team members.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, I can help.

I've been working in Marketing as a strategist for 5 years now and help entrepreneurs every day put pen to paper and take ACTION on their businesses. Along with my formal education in Marketing, this has opened up a whole new world for me as a photographer. I'd love to help you create your VISION and the CAPTURE it for you to SHARE YOUR BRILLIANCE with the world!

Want to add on a Strategy session?

Who is your ideal client and how do you attract them? What is your company's culture and how do you communicate that in your messaging and your images? Is your branding image strategy cobbled together? Do you need someone to work with you on aligning your messaging, creating an image strategy and/or coming up content that relays to your clients who you are and why you are the perfect person to serve them?

A lot of us are good at WHAT we do, but struggle in putting all pieces together to be able to effectively communicate it to the people who need us the most. Getting clear on some of those key questions can go a long way in capturing the vision of your company.

Whether it's a one time level-up meeting or an ongoing creation and refining process, I can help you!

What Clients Are Saying

Diana Sibley

“I absolutely love working with Lora! She has an amazing eye for photography, setting and lighting. She has an ability to capture me in a way I feel truly myself. The first time I worked with Lora I felt at ease in front of the camera that I’ve not felt before. Her energy and presence is calm and energizing.”

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How do companies use their branded images?

I've done everything from political billboards to social media to websites to brochures and magazine ads! It's important have a visual to go with the words that you use to talk about your company.

Why Do Brand Images Matter?

The images you put forward are a direct reflection to the world of who you are and what you do. If your images are flat, lifeless, unimpactful, or overly staged, they won't be able to showcase your authentic self and what you or your company can bring to the table. Your ideal clients are looking for you, but they won't be able to find you if they don't truly see you.

what do you hope to help companies achieve with thier branding?

I want your ideal clients to see YOU! What makes you shine, what makes you different from everyone else in the market, the brilliance or expertise you bring, the culture and personality of your company. The right images go a long way into helping the people that need you find you.

What does a strategy session look like?

It can be an in person or Zoom meeting to discuss what you currently have and come up with a plan of where you'd like to go. These are done in 1 hour increments, although we can create a series of sessions, depending on your needs. Together, we identify the gaps in your marketing image strategy and decide on some key elements of what to communicate visually. If you need help with content creation or idea generation, that is my specialty! We can create a content calendar together and design a custom photoshoot to collect images with that in mind.

Do you tell me what to wear?

I'm a firm believer in intentional styling and makeup when appropriate, but I do not provide either of those services. What we can do is review the the colors, textures, elements, shot ideas, messaging, etc that you have in mind and I can help you decide if you need to plan on assistance with wardrobe/hair/makeup styling.

Do you have packages if I want ongoing support or frequent photos?

Yes! Let's talk more about customizing our time together to meet your specific needs! Some people choose quarterly photos, while others prefer monthly strategy and photos. We will find the perfect fit for you!

What types of companies do you work with?

I have worked with everyone from law offices to business coaches to tattoo studios to wellness professionals! I typically seem to vibe best with small business service entrepreneurs who love to work collaboratively to generate ideas for how to capture them best to showcase their talents.

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