Newborn Photography

There's nothing sweeter than a brand new baby. With training as a Certified Professional Midwife plus being a retired doula and birth photographer, I promise you that you're little one is in good hands! Newborn sessions generally last 1-3 hours (depending on baby) and feature a variety of photos of you enjoying your new little bundle. If baby is nice and sleepy, I'm happy to grab some posed sleeping shots! I typically bring a few select blankets and accessories (wraps, headbands, hats), but my favorite shots are things from your home that have special meaning to you!

Many babies needs lots of breaks for eating, diaper changes and gentle rocking and I'm happy to go slow and take our time. Postpartum can feel like an emotional and stressful time, as everyone is adjusting and healing and getting used to the new "normal." There is beauty in these moments! Don't stress if your house is messy or you don't look perfect, these photos are meant to capture those early days and those tiny little sweet features and those warm snuggles.

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Where do we do newborn sessions?

Newborn sessions are done in your home or a location of your choice. As long as there's ambient light from a sliding glass door or window or it's warm outside, we can make it work!

What do you bring to a newborn session?

I used to come loaded to the hilt with a giant bean bag, tons of props and all kinds of accessories and a million blankets, but at the end of the day, I realized that my favorite newborn photos are generally the simplest ones. I currently do bring the bean bag, but don't always use it. I shoot mostly lifestyle photographs, you enjoying and snuggling with your new baby. If your baby is sleepy, I'll wrap them up in one of the few blankets I bring or anything you'd like to have them photographed with and we will see what magic awaits. I do have a white furry rug that I use for most images because I love the way it looks and I have a tiny collection of hats and headbands we can dip into! I also bring a space heater because newborns often struggle to regulate their own body temperature, so a warm environment is important. The white noise from the heater helps too!

what age is best for newborn photos

Ideally, I'd like to do them in the first 2 weeks, but I know this can't always work for a variety of reasons. Older babies may be more wakeful or have funny facial expressions as they work on learning to focus their eyes, but I love capturing babies exactly where they are developmentally, so I'm happy to work around your needs!

What should we have ready for a newborn session?

I love having baby in a loose diaper and nothing else, bundled up to stay warm before I get there. If you've ever tried to undress a sleeping baby, you'll understand. Newborns often lack the ability to regulate their body temperature, so I ask that the house be nice and warm. Please have out some towels, wet wipes, a clean diaper, any blankets/headbands/hats you want the baby photographed with. I love having old baby blankets that you don't mind getting dirty as well. Newborn photography can be a bit messy. If you have a pacifier, even if baby doesn't normally take one, please have it clean and handy. Often, I can use it as a tool to help baby settle briefly for a photo.